Four suspects held for killing woman in Kotli Sattian

Police captured four suspects, including three ladies, for their contribution in the homicide of a lady in Dhan Garan area of Kotli Sattian three days prior.

Police said the suspects killed the lady and depicted her demise as a self destruction. The departed Ayesha Bibi had sealed the deal with Shamraz Satti a long time back. She was tracked down dead in secretive conditions at the place of her parents in law.

Muhammad Bilal, the sibling of the departed, recorded a case in the Kotli Sattian police headquarters, in which he guaranteed that he was educated by Muhammad Nawaz, father by marriage of his sister, that his sister had ended it all by shooting herself, and that individuals of the town had carried the body to the Tehsil Headquarters Hospital, Kotli Sattian.

Be that as it may, when Bilal arrived at the emergency clinic, he saw his sister’s body lying in a pool of blood.

Associating the homicide with his sister, he had recorded a protest charging that Muhammad Nawaz, Muhammad Shiraz, Kausar, Rashida Bibi, and Saila Bibi had together killed Ayesha for obscure reasons and had, later on, attempt to depict her demise as a self destruction case.

The police captured the charged after an exhaustive examination, besides, the SHO expressed that her parents in law had attempted to organize a dramatization of self destruction.

The captured remember the lady’s dad for regulation Muhammad Nawaz, Muhammad Shiraz, Arshad Bibi, and Kausar. SP Kohsar Haider Ali said that all legitimate necessities will be satisfied to guarantee that the captured denounced are rebuffed.

Regardless of how horrendous the denounced are, they can’t escape from the grasp of the law.Earlier this year, police in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa enrolled the very first instance of theriocide after a pet canine was shot dead.

The FIR referenced that the creature was in desolation in the wake of being shot and was not helped by spectators. The pet canine was allegedly watching the proprietor – Shah Rehman child of Saif-ur-Rehman – who was playing in the fields when two furnished men – Shoaib and Tahir – started shooting at the creature.

“I have no hostility with anybody. The charged went for no particular reason and killed the canine,” Shah Rehman said.A new persistent help and enlistment focus was initiated at the Capital Development Authority (CDA) Hospital on Saturday.

The help community isn’t just outfitted with present day innovation, yet in addition offers an open to sitting region for the patients and their loved ones.

“CDA is endeavoring to give current and better medical services offices for the occupants of Islamabad and is making different strides in such manner,” said CDA Chairman CDA Amer Ali Ahmed while initiating the office.

The cutting edge expansion to the medical clinic framework will have tagging frameworks and different counters will take special care of various patients. On the mandates of the administration, separate counters have been allotted for older and in an unexpected way abled people.

Already, there was no such office accessible for the Outpatient Department (OPD).

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